Are You Last On Your List?

Mental Wellbeing So You Feel Like You Can Breathe Again

Kirsty, Host of mental wellbeing group sessions
 Metaphor for mental wellbeing - putting yourself as last priority

Your Mental Wellbeing Deserves Better Than That

Maybe you are treating yourself like the last sock in the laundry?

You totally know what I'm talking about... You do all the washing. You have those glorious 5 seconds of an empty wash basket... But THEN

You find that last sock.

The one that got missed.

And you are not stopping the washing machine to put it in, because the machine takes a billion hours to unlock.

SO it will have to wait till next time!

Adulting Is HARD

There is SO much to do.

Work, family, cleaning, cooking, shopping, taxiing...

Running around like a headless chicken and yet still not getting anything done, because you just can’t focus.

Doing everything and feeling like you should still be doing more!

Oh, and you're supposed to look the part too -

WHO has the time to add anything extra in?

a part of mental wellbeing is feeling like you need to keep up, this person styling their hair to look the part

Life Stuff Aint Going Nowhere

Life is no Disney, You probably aren't Cinderella

You most likely still have all your chores even if you have met the princess/prince of your dreams.

Because... LIFE

But you are able to feel better about doing all of that stuff.

Having good mental wellbeing isn't about ditching the boring bits.

a metaphorical steaming pot - your mental wellbeing is like a pot on heat. life is the pressure building up insider. good mental wellbeing is a way of letting the steam out

Feel Like You Can Breathe Again

Allow me to explain - and because I love a metaphor (and we don't have enough cooking to do already... 😒)

Let's talk about a pressure cooker!

You're the pot. The heat of life is the flame. Your lid is clamped on and you are bubbling!

The pressure is building inside, but you don't know how to open the valve and let the steam out.

This is the space to let the steam out.

Move Up The List

Take the time to move up your list - let the steam out of your "pot"

You've forgotten about yourself for long enough,

How about start caring about yourself a little bit more

From Anxious Overwhelm To Feeling Lighter

When you start to realise how much you matter to everyone,

and take a bit of time for you,

as a result, you get to feel lighter, calmer, clearer and experience more clarity.


Snuggle At Home

You're at home, on Zoom.

Switch your camera off,

Dispose of the bra, let your body be comfortable!

and just listen.

Offload stress,

Drift into a space of relaxation & calm.

This is your perfect opportunity

to quieten your mind and find peace,

space to rejuvenate and recharge your battery.

People Like You

A safe space, where you don't have to talk.

No one wants anything from you here

No one needs anything from you

Just time for you

In a group of people who feel the same

Individuals coming together

To escape, and take care of themselves

without ever having to talk about stuff

Live or Replay

Of course, I love it if you can be with me live

but if you cant join in at the live scheduled time,

you will have access to an audio recording

(and all the recordings of the previous sessions)

so you can listen when its convenient for you

or just listen again when you want to

testimonial for mental wellbeing hub

How Do Group Sessions Work?

Everyone logs onto a Zoom call at the same time. Wave, say "Hi" if you fancy it.

There is a chat function open so you can type me a private message if you want to.

You don't have to disclose anything - The mental wellbeing club isn't a group meeting where we all tell our story.

We log on, you are welcome to switch your camera off, and you just listen,

drift away and let go of the stresses and tension you are carrying.

I guide you, step by step, through the whole process.


What Does A Session Look Like?

So we start out with setting an intention of what you need - what do you want to get out of it?

Bring in more peace? Feel calmer?

Maybe there is a particular event that has really annoyed you?

We go into hypnosis and through one of several methods of releasing.

Each session is slightly different, but they all allow you space to let go and release what you need to,

Then we fill in that space that you have created with your word of intention.

Steps to amek the well being club all about you. Set your intention, clear out the stresss, fill the new space with yout intention, finish and feel fantastic


When Is This Happening?

Mental Wellbeing club is on the FIRST Wednesday of the month at 7 pm UK time. The dates for the rest of the year are:

4th August / 1st September / 6th October / 3rd November / 1st December


Ok, So How Much Is This Going To Cost?

It's only £29 per month. A Properly good deal because a 1-2-1 with me is £90

If you join me now, your price will remain this low, as long as you are a member regardless of any future increases.


Can I Try It Out Once?

Sure, if you only want to come along one time, that's fine.

Just simply book yourself onto the session, and just cancel before the next month.

You won't have access to the online hub where all the recordings are after you cancel.


What if I Want To Cancel?

Then you absolutely should. If your situation changes and you no longer need the club to help you, go for it.

You can easily cancel in the hub with the click of a button, and if you ever get stuck just drop me a message.

People should only ever be in this group if they want to be, not because you feel like you should 🥰


Where is it?

The Mental Wellbeing Club takes place online using ZOOM. So it is wherever you are.

You can be snuggled up on a comfy sofa or sat outside in the garden if you choose.

Where will you be most comfortable?


What if I can't make it?

There will be a replay! - you will have access to an online hub where you can find all of the recordings.

This way you can listen again during the month, or just catch up at a time suitable for you.


Is there anyone hypnosis isn't suitable for?

There are some psychological issues that are contraindicated for hypnosis

Such as individuals suffering from dementia, psychotic disorders, drug addicts, or anybody under the influence of alcohol.

Individuals with comprehension difficulties may find it difficult to interact with the process.

If you have any concerns as to your suitability, please feel free to email me.