Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a collaborative process between you and I. It is not something that get's 'done' to you. The hypnosis you will experience as part of therapy with me is nothing like the things you may have seen on TV.

Hypnosis guides and focuses your attention, and uses your imagination and suggestion to elicit positive emotions and behaviour change.

You are conscious and aware of what is happening. You will not be asleep or unconscious, you need to be aware of what is going on and you cannot be made to do anything that you do not want to do.

You will always be in control. You need to make sure that you really want to make the changes that you are seeking hypnotherapy for.
Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome challenges and to make changes that benefit you in your goals.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Your experience of hypnosis is exactly that, your experience. There is no right or wrong way to feel and is different for everyone. Some people, myself included, find that each and every session of hypnosis is different. Hypnosis is a relaxing experience, where you can focus your attention without all the usual 'chat' and goings on that you experience day to day. Have you ever been so absorbed in a book and had no idea what is going on around you? That is hypnosis.

What if I cannot be hypnotised?

Hypnosis is a collaborative process. If you engage with me and the process of hypnosis you will experience hypnosis. You have a choice to involve yourself, and if you allow yourself to be hypnotised you will be. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so when you let yourself 'go with the flow', and follow along with the hypnotherapists words you will achieve a wonderfully relaxing hypnotic experience.

Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

Absolutely not. Have you ever been stuck reading a book you were absorbed in? It's the same thing, you are actively involved in therapy session.

How many sessions will I need?

Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy, and usually 4 to 6 sessions is enough to create lasting positive changes. Some programmes may require less for example, such as smoking, where 2 sessions is required.

How do I pick the right therapist?

A reputable hypnotherapist will have good training, and have a qualification. Check if this qualification is externally accredited rather than awarded by the school  and be a member of a regulatory body supporting the industry. Check they are registered with a regulatory body, the two largest in the UK are the GHR or NCH. Contact the therapist, how do you respond to them? How long does it take for you to get a response to your enquiry?

Why not get in touch and we can discuss any questions you may have. My training is up-to-date, I have a qualification that demonstrates my ability. The HPD is regarded as the gold-standard qualification in the UK for hypnotherapy and the techniques I use are evidence based, meaning they have been tried and tested and known to be the best ways of getting results you want and need. I am a member of the GHR and follow their strict guidelines. I have professional and public liability insurance.

You can get a better idea of how I work if we talk about it, and before you commit yourself further. Why not book a free 20 minute consultation? We can arrange a mutually convenient time for you to call me and we can discuss. If you feel like you want to go ahead, we can go from there.




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