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Bring Joy Into January

Apparently its blue Monday…..what a load of rubbish

It actually literally is nonsense. Supposedly, Blue Monday is the most miserable day of the year. Something to do with the weather, how much time has passed since Christmas and the fact that we are all skint because we bought to much as Christmas. Blue Monday was a PR stunt by sky travel back in 2005 in you believe everything the internet says.

But January is about joy for me, and as we are going against the grain this year and opting out of new years resolutions. I felt this was the perfect opportunity to drop in some work for #Boost2018, my year of permission, and those of you that are doing this too.

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Why Non-Scale Victories are Better than Losing Weight on the Scale

So many people that want to lose weight are focused on the number the scale shows. Then when you hit a plateau, and that number doesn’t drop any further you feel down in the dumps about it. The scale is not, I repeat NOT, the only thing in the world to focus on. I want to challenge that thinking that the scale is the be all and end all.

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