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Boosting 2018 - March Motivation - Be Brave Part 1

Transform Fear into Action

Fear is a human emotion, its pretty standard and has been keeping us alive since the first humans. Fear made you run to safety, it was good to have it, and it still is, to some extent. If you are out walking and come across a bear, you have every right and it would be necessary to feel the fear! It’s the result of a specific threat. That’s your fight or flight response kicking in, and that is GOOD Fear.

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Lost in a story

Can A Story Make You Feel Differently?

So its world book day! I love books and enjoy getting to bed early with a book I can get lost in. Stories are for pleasure of course, but sometimes they can carry a meaning and it can be as if the message was written just for you. So it felt relevant to me, to tell you a short story. I hope this resonates:

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