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Scaredy Cat

Im Doing Self-Hypnosis for Spider Phobia

There are no pictures of 8 legged beasts in the post!

Spiders can swim!?
Seriously I did not know they could swim, but they can, this is true. It is honest (as I always am) And there is a moral to this story so read on.

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Birthday Balloons

Binge Vs Best Beaviour - Eating My Way Through Emotion

I will be honest with you, because I always am. Honesty is one of my core values, both personally and professionally. I believe you need that to build trust and have a good relationship. SO I am always honest with the people I am working with. But also, I am human as well, so I hope you can be forgiving....

So this time of year is a crazy, busy, fun and expensive time for me. It’s literally my family’s birthdays (including my own!) from now until Christmas. SO that’s lots of presents for lots of children and those of us pretending we’ve grown up. It also is my birthday here at Boost Therapy! (Yay!) It’s been a marvellous year. It’s been busy, challenging, exciting, stressful, exhilarating, disappointing, anyone who is alive or ever lived is on or has been on this same rollercoaster ride. That’s just how life is.

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