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Can you look Deeper for Joy?

So I'm following up...How are you getting on with Joy in January? Ive been impressed by some of the responses, and surprised to.

As always thank you to everyone who emailed, I really do love hearing from you.

I'm glad you like the PDF download too. If you don’t know what I'm talking about check out the first challenge for Boosting 2018 – Bringing joy into January
One of the biggest things you folks have said that bring you joy is your children. Isn't that lovely. I am so pleased that you are all such adoring parents. BUT I'm asking you to look a little deeper, inside of YOU. This is about giving yourself permission remember. Permission to be more than the label. Permission to be a person too.

Bring Joy Into January

Apparently its blue Monday…..what a load of rubbish

It actually literally is nonsense. Supposedly, Blue Monday is the most miserable day of the year. Something to do with the weather, how much time has passed since Christmas and the fact that we are all skint because we bought to much as Christmas. Blue Monday was a PR stunt by sky travel back in 2005 in you believe everything the internet says.

But January is about joy for me, and as we are going against the grain this year and opting out of new years resolutions. I felt this was the perfect opportunity to drop in some work for #Boost2018, my year of permission, and those of you that are doing this too.